TRESemmé Botanique Range

As a Curly Haired girl I struggled with my locks for the longest time ever ,the  wash and go technique was not in my vocab and dam would I be hella insecure wearing my locks natural . Back in the day my friends would all wear their hair straight and if you were black or colored you couldn’t rock your natural hair like you would now because that wasn’t an in thing back in 2000 . Well especially not for us girls in SA . I mean look we all saw Beyoncé’s amazing afro in The movie Gold member,  now if you’re Beyoncé  i mean you could pull of anything. I just think that we were too scared to let our hair down so to speak and we just never had an opportunity to be ourselves . We were teens and we definitely did face the “identity crisis ” well majority of us. 
Look to not bore you any further I just wanted to let you in on abit of history as to the natural hair dilemma hundreds and thousands of young mixed race women faced , and now 16-17 years later simply adore . However back then we wouldn’t have dared to go so bold. However it’s never too late to come out of hiding and do what you love because we are a liberal movement and whatever we want to do we now have the freedom to . There’s no longer a stigma of some sort or judgmental behavior that haunts you like no other .
My review on the TRESemmé botanique range is down below

Simple and easy 

Firstly I washed my hair with the TRESemmé botanique nourish & replenish shampoo like twice , a good thorough wash .
Secondly I used the TRESemmé botanique nourish and replenish conditioner 

Lathered that over and waited a few minutes for it to really soak in all that amazing aloe vera and coconut milk mmmm man that amazing smell left me hypnotized. Seriously i love that my hair could smell so good especially because coconut oil doesn’t respect leave your hair smelling like roses haha. Very impressed might i add.
The ingredients infused into both products are natural products that claim to replenish and nourish and it did infact do what it claimed to. 

My hair felt soft and light and looked so healthy it was totally gorgeous I can’t believe how many compliments i got.

In addition ladies it’s important to wear a nourishing oil after you condition so your hair is moisturized through out the day.
Hope this was helpful 

Xoxo B ❤️

Your Perfect Pair

denim has always been in the world of fashion for as long as one can remember Worn casually or as a formal piece depending on how you style them. The two pairs of Jeans that I always seem to have in my cupboard Have to be the mid rise and low rise. 
Sometimes I just want to wear a crop top with my mid rise and then a longer sweater with my low rise if u catch my drift.

I love how even as a petite woman the figure hugging denim conforms to my shape giving me flattering curves 

Pictured above is the low rise 721

You ladies ever felt like there’s never been a pair of denims that fit you like a glove ?You search for the perfect denim and you just can’t get 1 ? Well i kid you not when i say Levis got you covered boo . 
I had the chance of checking out a few styles in the nearest Levis store and found my perfect pair
About two years ago I purchased this crop denim jacket its thee cutest little thing a girl could own. Worn with either a skirt or other denim it’s a great outfit idea for either a night out or lunch date. 
All items purchased from Levis Pavilion 

Low rise R799

Mid Rise R1399

Crop jacket R599


Godly dating 

Choosing God’s Best for Your Relationship
I think it’s getting harder for people to pull the trigger on a covenant commitment to another person. The collective anxiety in our world about the instability of marriage screams “Don’t do it.” And people are listening. Cohabitation has risen dramatically. But isn’t cohabitation a good way to explore whether you can live with someone in marriage?
Actually, no, it isn’t.
There is a great deal of research today about the pros and cons of cohabiting. Of course, there is a spiritual side to this conversation related to sex outside of marriage, but let’s examine this matter from a secular viewpoint.
Research confirms that cohabiting couples:
Increase their risk of divorce by 50%

Value their independence rather than an interdependent relationship

Are less sexually trustworthy

Have more negative attitudes about marriage

Have lower religious commitment

Break up at a rate of 50% before marrying (unfortunately trial marriage often has a trial commitment)

Have lower marital quality and commitment if they do marry

Are tempted to “slide” into marriage (“We’re living together and sharing a bus pass, why not get hitched?”) instead of making a conscious decision to throw their entire selves into marriage

So, you may think you’re doing yourself a favor by cohabiting, but in the end, you are hurting things more than helping.
In addition, when kids are involved, cohabitation is not a healthy option for them. For children, the cohabiting stepfamily is a dangerous family structure. They face higher risks of abuse (physical, emotional, and sexual) and lower psychological well-being.
Again, not a good idea; but there’s more.
Someone who pushes for cohabitation is, I believe, telling you about their fear. Since no one can guarantee them a lasting marriage, they are choosing to protect themselves with an arrangement that is marriage-like, but without the legal bonds, emotional risk, or vulnerability required in marriage. They actually prefer the ambiguity of cohabitation (“we’re together, sort-of”) to the risk of rejection or a poor marriage. Is that the kind of person you want to pursue?
Essentially, cohabitation is choosing second-best and then wondering why it didn’t work out for the best. Instead, choose God’s best for you. Choose to trust that God is trying to protect your heart from unnecessary pain. Date with intentionality, separate and apart from the confusion of sex and cohabitation, and your dating decisions will have much more clarity and wisdom.
Adapted from the book Dating and the Single Parent by Ron L. Deal. Used with permission. All rights reserved.
If you are currently living with someone, write down what you fear would happen if you decided to trust God’s protection and live separately. Begin praying for God to increase your faith as you consider walking in obedience.

💎 Diamond 

Got so many requests about the products I’ve used creating this gorgeous look 

Mostly about the lip color 
Product list below 

@clarinssouthafrica everlasting foundation in chestnut 

@esteelaudersa Advanced night repair used as an elixir (pro tip)

@elizabetharden bronzing highlight duo

@benefitsouthafrica Ka-brow gel 

@elizabetharden treatment mascara in black 

@essence_cosmetics lip liner in femme fatale 

Lip color smoky topaz  Revlon ultra hd lip lacquer 

@revlonsa colorstay pressed powder in toast 

@avonsouthafrica blush in the color rust

@rimmellondonsa Scandal eyes liquid liner @anastasiabeverlyhills That glow highlight palette 

@lagirlcosmeticssouthafrica pro concealer in nude
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Valentine’s Day makeup 

This valentines day look was put together for either a day time look or night out on the town. 
Playing around with bolder colors these days is abit tricky but nevertheless i do it for the gram! 

Product details 

•Prep and prime by mac cosmetics in radiant yellow 

•Clarins Everlasting foundation in the color chestnut 

•blending sponge from clicks 

•kabrow brow gel by benefit cosmetics 

• eyeliner by rimmel in scandal eyes 

•lippie ultra matte lip lacquer in toolips by colourpop cosmetics

•treatment mascara in black by Elizabeth Arden 

•eyeshadow Lagirl cosmetics eyeshadow palette 

Bronzing highlight duo by Elizabeth Arden

Setting powder revlon colorstay  in the color toast by revlon 

Work it!!!! 

Rib knit skirts will be the death of me this winter . I have already started wearing my recently purchased skirt from Na-kd fashion when they were having their sale . Something around $16 i think . I purchased two cos i mean rust and beige are super gorgeous winter colors.

Someone asked me how to wear pencil skirts once or just long ankle skirts the trick is simple whatever you wear your skirt with has to basically not over power your gorgeous elongated body . The trick of a long pencil skirt is to give the illusion of  longer sexy legs and smaller waist and bigger booty. Now shorter women might want to have a stiletto on hand because this has to give you the upright posture you going for . 

Vest Mr Price 

Skirt Na-kd fashion 

Heels madison 

Sunglasses: Rayban

Glow glow glow

So I hadn’t been going anywhere special but this makeup look was so bomb i wish i did have somewhere grand to go to.

You know i love telling you ladies about my beat
Primer @maccosmetics mac prep and prime 

Foundation Everlasting chestnut @clarinssouthafrica 

Pressed powder in the color toast and caramel for contours @revlonsa 

Brows Kabrow @benefitsouthafrica 

Highlight @anastasiabeverlyhills glowkit
Lip Mac Matte in the color persistence @maccosmetics 

Lashes by fashionbreedLashes #facebeat #mua #makeup #beats #highlight #ABH #makeup #makeupaddicts #glowkit #benebabe 

Denim on denim 

Denim has always been my favorite type of fashion be it dark denim , light denims , heavy or light. Heavy denim has a more quality type feel  which is thicker and heavier and light denim is quite thinner with a lightweight feel. 
I paired two different types together a cullote pant and heavy denim oversized jacket needless to say this looked absolutely funky and so cool . I literally felt like a trendsetter in my own right. 
I definitely got the stares but those good stares you know like yo who is that girl her style is great and a few people did compliment my look , for the rest they probably were abit shook about the piece haha.  What im getting at is denim doesn’t have to be your demon because denim is vintage and can be worn however you want . A denim jacket is a staple piece never going out of fashion.
Remember to break it up with something plain but also that compliments the outfit , a cute sneaker and cap or even a good pair of shades 
Jacket Edgars 

Culotte Legit 

Sneakers Adidaa 

Sunglasses Sunglass Hut 

Black tee Mr Price